Tinted glasses

We look at the world through tinted glasses. Our glasses are tinted with experiences, which have shaped our values. While there are many things that are black and white, there are also many that fall in between, the many shades of grey. That is why we may have differences in opinions and perspectives. While this … Continue reading Tinted glasses


3 tips for organizing successful trade shows

Hi guys! One of my friends, Maarten, a business and tradeshow consultant, provided 3 tips for organizing successful trade shows: 1. Have people standing and engaging in conversation with the visitors. Making the booth look pretty alone is not going to cut it. If your team is sitting down, or worse, eating at a booth, … Continue reading 3 tips for organizing successful trade shows

The difference between selling and closing…

Selling is pushing a product or service, but closing is the key to bringing in the money. Selling is aggressive and needy. Closing is collaborative and exchanging value. Selling relies on gimmicks to execute. Closing is all about doing the hard work before, and then making the ask or call to action at the right … Continue reading The difference between selling and closing…

The clutter on Facebook?

I've been doing facebook and instagram marketing, and there seems to be more clutter on Facebook nowadays. Requests to like a new page? Check. Friend requests? Check. Ads that you see again and again, with similar sounding copy? Check. It is time to exercise the saying that "less is more". It is not necessary to … Continue reading The clutter on Facebook?

Google’s 11 word pitch

Legendary Silicon Valley venture capital investor John Doerr still remembers the pitch he heard from two Stanford students in 1999. Larry Page and Sergey Brin delivered the most concise, compelling mission statement. Doerr bought a 12 percent stake of the company for $11.8 million. Today, he's worth more than $7 billion, which takes into account … Continue reading Google’s 11 word pitch